Eric Jansen facilitating a team training session with Telstra in Singapore.

About Nexxt Group

Nexxt Group delivers exceptional business outcomes. We leverage our expertise across multiple disciplines to provide clients with the knowledge and support they need to change and grow.

Who WE Are

Experts in process innovation, technology enablement and digital transformation.

Nexxt facilitates Telstra team development in Singapore.

Leadership Team

Our People

Nexxt Group combines the immediacy of our onshore consultants with an offshore capability of over 250 delivery professionals across a plethora of development platforms and tools.

With a breadth of experience across business and product strategy, project and iteration management, and software development, we have your business and project needs covered.

Why WE Play

Together, we believe in learning, growing, and making a difference. We meet every day with a smile; ready to do whatever it takes to succeed.

We invest in lifelong learning

We ensure the customer is always in the room

We communicate clearly & authentically

We value every colleague & encourage diversity of thought

We collaborate, work as a team & have each other’s backs

We celebrate creative challenges & strive for success that wows!


Our engagement process is underpinned by the three pillars of assess, plan, and deliver.

In a world of constant change, Nexxt has adopted a client engagement model which is unique from the competition. We believe that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to business growth. That's why we engage in a three-step process to find the best solution for our clients.

The first step is to assess the situation: it's important to understand what the problem is before trying to solve it.

The second step is to plan a strategy: it is only with a well-conceived, well-documented and measurable plan that we can guide your project to success.

The third step is to deliver your project: our team of expert business consultants and software developers will ensure on-time and on-budget delivery.


This is our Story

Everyone says they want to make a difference, but we truly believe that we do.

When I founded Nexxt Group (formerly Next Paradigm) in 2014, I wanted to create an organisation that not only created great outcomes for our clients, but also provided an avenue for our team members (including me!) to realise their true potential. We even carved this into our motto: “Embracing Possibility”

Since those early days, we have worked with almost 100 organisations spanning corporate, privately-owned, not-for-profit and government organisations, across a diverse range of industries including retail, financial services, energy, health and aged care, start-ups and scale-ups — to name just a few!

In 2021, we asked our clients to help us distil what we do for them into something we could easily share with others. We also took the opportunity to feed this back into our brand essence, resulting in the Nexxt Group that you see today.

From our original consulting business, we have expanded into staffing solutions and distributed software delivery, and also recently launched our portfolio arm, Nexxt Ventures. 

Everyone says they want to make a difference, but we truly believe that we do. Whether it’s turning around a project that’s on the rails, lifting team performance or helping create a new product, service, or channel to market, we’re all in with our clients.

I can’t wait to see the amazing outcomes that our clients and our team co-create and deliver as the Nexxt journey unfolds.

Yours sincerely,

Eric Jansen
Nexxt Group Founder

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More About Us

Trusted advisers to SMEs, scale-ups and Fortune 500 companies alike.

We support organisations in their drive for continual improvement in business and personal performance. The clients we work with span across many industries, including financial services, health, transport & logistics, energy, government and retail. 

We've learned that most leaders want to apply best practices within their organisation that are fit-for-purpose, to be successful and overcome internal resistance. We provide a service that is tailored to the needs of each client, as well as bringing real-world, hands-on experience to our clients.

We believe in unleashing business potential through an unrelenting focus on meaningful outcomes

We provide a range of consulting services including assessments, developing strategic plans, team building, and leadership workshops. We are not interested in simply churning out reports - we want to see the real change that will make a difference to your future growth, revenues and profitability.

Nexxt's consultants are renowned for their ability to create high-impact change in organisations.