Our venture partnerships deliver flexible working models and experienced, hands-on partners to help you get off the ground.

Our process

Every situation, organisation and team is unique.
Our approach delivers outcomes that are tailored to your specific goals, requirements, and constraints.

Our team brings a wealth of experience and well-developed practices to the table, but we certainly don’t know everything. We appreciate that you know your own business better than anyone else. You don’t expect us to tell you how to run it - rather, you are looking for ways to improve performance and want a partner who can help make it happen.

Our Assess, Plan, Deliver approach allows us to "knowledge-up" on your unique circumstances, so that we can apply our specialist expertise in concert with your existing capabilities to deliver the outcomes that you need.

1. Assess the situation

In the first stage, we aim to understand all of your needs and the context you work in. We consider the actors and stakeholders as well as any constraints of a potential solution.

If we haven't worked with you before, we also learn about your story – how your organisation came to be, your values, vision and where you are headed – so that we can work with empathy and understanding.

With this understanding of your context and situation, we identify the potential opportunities for delivering on your needs and present our preliminary findings.

2. Plan the solution

In the second stage, we work with your team to develop a roadmap and statement of work that clearly outlines the objectives to be achieved, the work to be undertaken, and the outcomes you can expect from the engagement. 

We offer a range of engagement models, including fixed price, time and materials, shared risk and ongoing retainer, depending on your preferences and the particular requirements.

Once the roadmap, statement of work and engagement model are agreed, we move to the deliver phase.

3. Deliver the project

In the third stage, we do the “heavy lifting” to deliver on your needs according to the agreed outcomes in the plan.

Our delivery approach is transparent, collaborative and objective. We are always focused on the outcome, assessing progress not by how much work we have done, but how much of the requirements we have delivered. 

We are only “done” when we have delivered on the outcomes agreed in the plan.

Depending on your needs and the chosen engagement model, the Assess, Plan and Deliver process may be a single engagement or a continuous cycle. 


Flexible Working Models

We are your venture partners with options to get things done and retain control.

Ventures have very specific software development needs, often requiring fast turnaround and impeccable quality under tight budgetary constraints. We understand these challenges and love to partner with promising ventures to deliver outcomes with a model that balances the need for deliverables with the desire to retain equity and control.

Successful venture models

From our experience we find sweat equity, joint venture, and software development partner models often work well for fledgling scale-ups.

Sweat equity

The sweat equity model is an innovative way for scale-ups and entrepreneurs to access much-needed services without any cash outlay. The client agrees to engage Nexxt Ventures for specified deliverables in exchange for a predefined number and value of shares in the company.

This model has the added benefit of providing the Nexxt Ventures team with significant motivation to deliver excellent products and services, because they have “skin in the game” so to speak: your success is our success.

Joint venture

Under the joint venture model, Nexxt Ventures partners with one or more other businesses to create a new company. Each of the partners holds an agreed share of the new venture, and in return contributes their own skills and expertise and/or cash to fund the development of the business venture.

This model works well when there is a strong alignment between the capabilities and experience of the Nexxt Ventures team and the needs of the prospective venture. It relies on a strong understanding of the new venture and Nexxt having a genuine belief in the potential of the initiative.

Software development partner

This model is similar to the sweat equity model, except that the client engages our low-cost distributed software development model at cost in return for shares in the client company - that is, there is both a cash and shares component to the engagement.

As an alternative to sweat equity, this model can allow the owner of the scale-up to retain greater equity if they have the capacity to pay for a portion of the development costs.

We're experienced and well-connected

Nexxt Ventures has been partnering with new ventures for over 7 years and we know how to make things happen. Not only do we have deep industry expertise, but we also have the connections who can help make your goals become a reality. Get in touch with us today to discuss your venture.


Partnership Examples

Nexxt Ventures has partnered with successful scale-ups to help them realise their potential.

A lot of the work we do with fresh ventures is commercially in-confidence, so unfortunately we can't tell you all about it! Here are a couple of recent projects that we can tell you a little about.

VideoMyJob Logo - Sweat Equity Partnership

VideoMyJob (Sweat Equity) 

Nexxt Ventures partnered with VideoMyJob under a sweat equity model, providing product strategy and delivery services in return for an equity share in the business. As a result, VideoMyJob was able to bring an initial MVP to market much sooner than anticipated, whilst also benefiting from the adoption of an Agile approach to software development.

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