Business Transformation Consultant

We lead your business through strategic changes with collaborative, solution-oriented advice and tailored visionary strategies for a thriving future.

Strategic transformation consulting and delivery

We drive business growth by providing expert consultancy in business transformation strategy, project design, and project implementation.

Improving customer and product experiences

We drive organisations to transform customer experiences by designing the right services, products and experiences for their customers.

Agile enterprise leadership coaching

We guide organisations and teams to succeed through high level Agile expertise and coaching.


Turn insights into market opportunities.

We understand your customers, the markets in which you compete, and the operating model of your business.

  • Digital strategy
  • Business model canvas
  • Business architecture
  • Business transformation
  • Operating model
  • OKRs and business metrics

We help you grow your business

No matter the stage of your company, Nexxt's team of expert consultants will establish a business model that fits your current capabilities, based on a detailed strategy evolution. We take care of all research and analysis needed to guide the development of a new or revised operating model to transform your business.

Strategy matters

Our consultants conduct a market and competitor landscape analyses, identifying opportunities in the market that align with what you are capable of delivering. This gives insights into what can be achieved with the resources at hand.

We build models that work

Whether it is an operating model or a business model canvas, our team builds models that are specific to you - helping you identify what is working, what needs improvement, and how to make necessary adjustments for future success.

Specialist business transformation consultants

Nexxt has a particular interest and experience in consulting on successful business transformation programs. We have seen first-hand how – well – transformative, a well-executed business transformation can be, and at the other end of the spectrum, how at-risk organisations that fail to change really are.

So if you're looking at fundamentally overhauling how your business operates through large-scale changes in personnel, processes, and technology, then please get in touch with us. Our talented business transformation consultants can provide that extra level of specialist expertise and outside perspective that you need to land the project on time and on budget.

Build a truly customer-centric organisation.

Our team of innovative professionals in human centred design, service design, and product innovation act as catalysts for change.

  • Discovery and inception
  • Human centred design
  • Service design
  • Product innovation
  • Test and learn

We combine great customer experience, service design and innovative product development to help our clients innovate with excellence.

Designing services that are more human

Our practical advice, resources, and tools enable our clients to design services that people love. Whether it’s improving customer experience or understanding employee needs, we will help you step up your game.

A deeper understanding of your customer's pains, needs and desires

Our cross-disciplinary team of consultants explore the minds of your customers to understand their needs better than anyone else could ever do. We then use that understanding to define what your customers want from you.

Nexxt makes your customers happier

We’ve helped companies like yours design and deliver better experiences for their customers. Better customer experiences lead to satisfied customers will buy more and re-engage with your brand willingly.

Highly experienced team of designers and consultants

With countless years combined experience in disciplines such as strategy, innovation, business transformation, service design and product development, we can identify opportunities for improvement that will result in tangible outcomes.

Create new ways of working and lead more agile and high-performing teams.

Leadership should be challenging, but always supportive. That's why we work with our clients to develop authentic leadership teams that are nimble, adaptive, and resilient. In a nutshell: we develop leaders and give them the tools they need to empower their teams.

  • Leadership and culture
  • Capability assessments
  • Ways of working
  • Capability uplift
  • Continuous improvement

Technology for agile enterprise

We use technology as a key driver for change to create new ways of working that allow us to be innovative and nimble, which lead to better quality and reduced cost.

Nexxt's agile delivery methodology gives you the power to turn ideas into results quickly and efficiently. This approach can help you overcome technical challenges and release new capabilities more often without sacrificing quality. It also helps your team stay engaged by maximising each team member's contribution from day one of the project.

Empowering your people with continuous improvement

We focus on culture as the foundation for high-performance because it's the glue that holds everything together. Through empowerment, collaboration and ownership - we help clients build a continuous improvement culture in which every employee takes a stake in improving the way they do things.

Strategy, Design & Implementation

Turn insights into market opportunities.

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Customer, Product & Service

Build a truly customer-centric organisation.

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The Agile Enterprise

Create new ways of working and lead more agile and high-performing teams.

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Case Study

Nurturing an Agile mindset facilitates customer growth.

Two members of DataTorque's leadership team attended one of Nexxt's Agile for Executives workshops, leading them to engage Nexxt to spearhead the adoption of an Agile mindset throughout the organisation.


We engaged Nexxt to nurture an Agile Mindset right across our business. Over the ensuing 12 months, Nexxt worked with teams in each area of our business to adopt Lean and Agile thinking customised to the Data Torque context, and also delivered Scrum training to the development and support teams. Despite the increasing demands of an ever-growing client base working to tight deadlines, our team was able rise to the challenge thanks to the practices, techniques and Agile thinking they learned from the Nexxt workshops.

Bill Chatwin, CEO

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