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A short story about the culture we're creating at Nexxt.

As Nexxt expands nationally with our first Brisbane-based hire, it seemed an appropriate time to reflect on the culture we are creating in our organisation.

When Nexxt started in 2014, I wrote a piece that included the following paragraph:

Nexxt seeks to challenge the status quo, the "that's the way it's always been done around here" kind of thinking. We've seen what teams are capable of when we help them remove impediments to their success.

And while this is certainly true of the work we have been doing with our clients, it's also a true depiction of the internal culture we are creating as well.

As we grow the team, it's our desire to create the kind of organisation that allows people to perform at their best. This doesn't just mean interesting and challenging work (although that's certainly a key part of our value proposition to both clients and employees alike), but also a supportive, nurturing culture that allows people to thrive.

With that in mind, we have chosen three ideals that we will continue to measure ourselves against as we grow the team:

  1. Are we moving the needle?
  2. Are we embracing diversity?
  3. Are we acting as a role model to others?

Moving the Needle

We want to make a positive impact in the world. Period.

Embracing Diversity

Talking the talk on diversity isn't good enough, so we actively seek people from a variety of backgrounds and heritages to join our clan. It's good for our business and it's good for humanity.

We embrace flexibility in the work environment, which means travel for those who seek it and flexible work arrangements for those who need it.

Being a Role Model

As a father of two young girls, I admit to have a bit of a hidden agenda here.

There has been a lot of talk the last few years about the impending crisis in the working world - the loss of jobs through automation, robots taking over - The Second Machine Age (http://amzn.to/2kFdwei) presents an interesting and well-reasoned treatise on this subject.

I'm personally more optimistic about the future, but I'm also very clear in my mind that things must and will change. With this in mind, we will continue to experiment at Nexxt with how we can be a role model of a successful organisation in this rapidly-changing environment.


We are a young organisation - we will celebrate our third birthday in July - but we have lofty, and we believe very worthy, goals.

If you're a kindred spirit, we'd love to hear from you. Drop us a line and let's talk about moving that needle!


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